The advantages of cosmetic tattooing and how it is applied

Who needs the cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic Tattooing is recommended if you have partial eyebrows, no eyebrows or fainting eyebrows. The lip tattoo may reduce the cases of the lipsticks and it gives the definition to the lip line. The colored lip tattoo makes any lip scar to disappear and you will no longer need to have the lipstick in your purse anymore. With an eyeliner tattoo, the user may put away the eye pencils for many years.

cosmetic-tattooing-1 The advantages of cosmetic tattooing and how it is applied

Cosmetic Tattooing

Who should apply the cosmetic tattoo?

The cosmetic tattoo artist has to be careful and use the right skills in applying the Cosmetic Tattooing. It is good to speak to former clients and check before or after photographs. In order to avoid the infection while ensuring the professional results, it is good to get the services from a licensed aesthetician. You have to make sure that an aesthetician has sterile gloves with the sterilized equipment.

How the cosmetic tattoo is applied

The permanent makeup or Cosmetic Tattooing is done in the same process as a normal tattoo and the needle is used to penetrate the skin and to release its pigment. The proper technique, licensing and the sterilization is important.

cosmetic-tattooing-3 The advantages of cosmetic tattooing and how it is applied

Cosmetic Tattooing

The first step is to test to do the patch test on the skin and to check if you may get any allergic reaction to dye that is going to be used. You can then choose a color which is based on the suggestions and the advice of the makeup artist. A technician will use the sterile surgical pen to sketching a place that has to be tattooed and he will use an anesthetic gel at the skin. By using a hollow but a vibrating needle, a technician is going to apply the pigment within the top layer of your skin. Whenever the needle penetrates into the skin, a droplet of the pigment will be left in the hole the needle made.

You may get a tingling feeling. After the permanent makeup, it is going to take around three weeks for the color to be its permanent shade. When the Cosmetic Tattooing is used first, it may look shiny and dark while the surrounding tissue may be red or swollen. You may use the cold compress in order to reduce the antibiotics ointment and swelling so that you may prevent any infection.